An Identification Survey Report Sydney

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An Identification Survey Report Sydney
relates the legal description of the land with the improvements erected thereon. The purchaser invariably inspects a property before a contract is signed and finally agrees to purchase what they have been shown and seen.
• Prudent members of the legal profession
• Prudent members of conveyancing professions
• Purchasers
• Vendors
• Lending authorities who wish to ensure that the property they are financing has no major legal problem.
• Owners or Builders that need to apply for a building certificate from council.
• Builders that have made an extension to a house or building, that require confirmation of the position of their work to satisfy council conditions.
• Owners that wish to make an application for possessory Title of land under the provisions of the Real Property Act.
• The general identity of the land to which Title is intended to be given.
• Any major discrepancies in dimensions disclosed by survey, as compared with the title Deed.
• The general identity of the improvements.
• Any encroachments by buildings.
• Any major encroachments by fencing or other occupations
• The position of buildings relative to the boundaries.
• Any easements, apparent or other wise, enjoyed by the property or to which it may be subject or appear to be subject.
• The effect of any building or other covenants, or Restrictions on the Use, to which the land and the Title may be subject, and whether the buildings comply with the covenants.
• Any matters disclosed by a survey report sydney, or by the Surveyor’s investigation, which may affect the property.

Hill and Blume recorded the outcome of over 800 surveys and it revealed that 25% of these reports disclosed problems with the property which led to a review of some terms of the contract.
So if you are buying, selling, renovating or constructing a new project it is vitally important that you obtain a survey report sydney so call Hill and Blume today. Hill and Blume have been operating as a Sydney Surveying company for over 60 years providing thousands of survey report sydney to many saisfied clients. Hill and Blume Guarantee to provide you with a Survey Report Sydney within 24 hours and are also extremely competitive on price. Call Hill and Blume now to obtain and obligation free quote for your Survey Report Sydney.

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