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We will be closed for the Easter break. Reopening Tuesday 22nd April Thank You  


Be a kid for five but still enjoy the champagne

Pork Shoulder

The famous or infamous, orange braised pork shoulder with tomatillo and fresh  tortillas

Where it all began

The Survey Co started life as the office of James Charles Burnett who is also the namesake of the alley that Survey Co resides. This is a little excerpt from his Biography… James Charles Burnett (1815-1854), surveyor and explorer, was born probably in England, the eldest of four sons of William Burnett. In the William he arrived [...]

Urban Spoon Review

The Survey Co has had it’s first review on Urban Spoon. The Recommendation was to try the chocolate tart with salted ice cream, as they said… it may just blow your mind. Check it out and, let us know what you think –

The Weekend Edition

The Weekend Edition has posted a review on The Survey Co. here is a little piece from it, The stories are in the details … The bespoke leather menus and booths created by a past employee, while the recipe for the cannoli was handed down through five generations of chef James Guldberg’s wife’s family. And [...]