About us

The forefront in promoting quality assurance systems for private practising surveyors, and in formulating a new Licensed Surveyors Act in conjunction with the Institution of Surveyors Australia Division.

Broadly the objectives include

  1. The promotion of the profession and practice of surveying particularly in the area of private practice,
  2. The advancement, training and education of the profession and practice of surveying,
  3. The conservation and promotiong of the interests and status of the profession of surveying, and generally to represent the profession in the private area of practice,
  4. the promotion of a recommended code of professional ethics and general standards of professional conduct and practice for consulting surveyors,
  5. the promotion within the community, including members of the selection of cunsulting surveyors on merit,
  6. the promotion withing the community, including members, of the benefits of aqequate renumeration or guideline conditions of engagement and fees.