Land Survey for Hire in Sydney

Surveying is an essential component of much land development, whether for commercial or residential purposes.

The primary function of a Land Surveyor is to establish and/or verify boundary lines, through the actions of observing, measuring and mapping.

Furthermore, for the purposes of building perimeter fences or buildings within the boundary, it is highly advisable to have the land measured and surveyed by a professional

Prior to the commencement of construction to avoid the same complications if encroachment or non compliancy with local and national building regulations has occurred.

Furthermore, with rising needs to build infrastructure and housing to accommodate, facilitate and provide services to this enlarging population, the role of a Land surveyor Sydney and the services they provide are, will continue to be, in high demand.

A Land Surveyor can be needed from multi-billion dollar commercial developments to residential planning applications. A Land surveyor by professionals can provide the documentation required to satisfy the local and national bodies and organisations charged with responsibility of enforcing property and building regulations.

One such technology employed by a Land Surveyor Sydney is global positioning satellites (GPS). This is most suitable for large areas of commercial development or defining boundaries on large tracts of land, such as farms and agricultural operations. This is where a Land surveyor coordinate with the building contractors to map out exactly where the future buildings are to be located.

Land Surveyors can also be suitable for small scale home renovation or rebuild. It is advisable to seek the services of  as early in the planning phase as possible. This is so to ensure the through the survey plan completed by the surveyco that the property boundaries, existing structures and surrounding structures are all documented and represented on a clear plan. This plan is then used as part of the Development application submitted to the relevant local council to represent the current status of the land and improvements. The plan also provides an accurate foundation for the designer preparing the subdivision or construction plan to prepare correct drawings for the building contractor. This is why having a Land Surveyor  plan is critical for any construction, renovation or subdivision and ensures a smooth trouble free project. Be sure to contact us who are a surveying company with over 15 years experience in Sydney.