Land Surveyors Melbourne

Land Surveying is one of the first things you will need if you are thinking about selling or buying some property. A Land surveyor, can let you know just where the property line is. Even if there is a fence, that is supposed to mark the property line, a Land surveyor can make sure it is in the right place. Sometimes growing trees, roots, and natural shifting of the earth can move the original fence more than people would think is possible. Boundary surveys can establish and mark where the fence should be. A Land Surveyor, can even check court records when needed, to ensure they can accurately tell you exactly what land you are buying or selling.

We can help you settle property disputes you might have with your neighbor. Land Surveyor in Melbourne can also help prevent them. Before you build anything big and permanent on your property, you may want boundary surveys done, so you know you are not building on your neighbor’s property, which could cause a lot of trouble later. A Land Surveyor Sydney is available to help you avoid such trouble.

A Survey co Land Surveyor Melbourne can do building surveyors all over Over Melbourne. Such construction surveyors are often required before you can get a loan for building. This is for making sure that the building will meet the code for the area, furthermore certify buildings and houses already built. We can inspect the house or building and make a detailed report.

A land Surveying company is needed when you want to subdivide your land. Buying land in bulk, and selling it in plots for a profit, can be a good way to make  money, but only after a Land Surveyor in Meklbourne creates a legal subdivision plan. We can accurately mark and section off the desired number of acres per plot. The Surveyor usually places stakes with orange flags every so many feet to mark the new boundary lines, and this should be put on record for boundary surveys, in case there is a dispute.

Strata Subdivisions also needs Land surveying for dividing buildings. With Strata, different people own portions of structures or buildings. We can help make it all clear and legal as to who owns what. A Registered Land surveyor Melbourne is required to make the plan to show what is common property, and what is part of the Strata Scheme lots. Let us help make the division of retail shops, factories, storage units, offices, and other such places clear and legal.

Property disputes can be more easily settled with a Land surveyor. Do not forget construction surveyors before building. Just about anything that involves substantial construction projects, and/or establishing the ownership of large property, needs a Land surveyor.