Land surveyors in Brisbane for hire

Land Surveying Services in Brisbane

Title Re-establishment Survey
A title re-establishment survey determines the location of the title relative to the existing fences & buildings surrounding the property. Marking the title boundaries of the property title corners with pegs or by other means is also carried out.

A Plan showing the results of the field survey and a Surveyors Report outlining your rights and any foreseeable issues regarding your title is also prepared and provided.

Feature & Level Survey
A feature and level survey measures existing features on your property and includes things such as: buildings, significant vegetation, sheds, levels and streetscape ie. kerb details, service utility pits and poles etc. This information is used by architects and designers to assist in the design and planning of your development. A plan showing the results of the survey is prepared and provided in a digital and hard copy format.

Site Context Survey or Existing Conditions Survey
This survey is an extension of the feature and level survey showing all the attributes as listed above but is extended to include roof, eave and window positions + heights on neighbouring buildings. Used for Design and Town Planning by Architects and building designers. A plan showing the results of the survey is prepared and provided in a digital and hard copy format.

Australian Height Datum (AHD) transfer/survey
To determine the flooding potential of your property. Requested by councils and building surveyors.

Town Planning
We can help you in the preparation and advice on town planning applications to your local council. We work closely with various planners and designers to ensure your planning application has the greatest possibility of moving smoothly through the council planning process.

Subdivision (Land & Building)
The creation of new allotments involves the process of subdividing existing land or buildings and creating either built or vacant lots which are fully serviced with the consent of the Planning Authority and Servicing Authorities. The Consulting Surveyor is involved throughout the subdivision process and is able to guide a proposal through the planning, design, approval and survey, up to the issue of new titles. This can range from simple Dual Occupancies to multi storied residential or commercial buildings.


Easements creation, variation or removal applications

Land Consolidation

Application Surveys to Land Victoria – this includes Adverse Possession claims and boundary amendment surveys done under various sections of the Transfer of Land Act.

Construction Set-out and as-built